There are many people that give generously to the Women's Community because it has provided them with encouragement and love when they needed it the most and they want others to have the same experience.

While we may not be able to meet every request and need exactly, our desire is for as many women as possible to be able to participate in our community because we believe that is where we best experience and give the love of Jesus. We will do our best to determine how we can assist you!

*While we would love to provide anybody with financial assistance, we will reserve funds for our regular attenders and members first, to honor those who have given and so that those within our church may benefit. We will take requests from those attending other churches into consideration next.  
** We have specific scholarship funds that have been designated for single moms within our Casas community. If you are a single mom, please let us know in the comments below so we can use the designated funding to assist you financially. 
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To better understand how we can help you, please give us just a brief description of why you could use a little extra help right now and why it's important to you to attend this event! (**NOTE: We have specific scholarship funds that have been designated for single moms to be able to attend so please let us know if this is you in your message below!)