A 'With You Weekend' Recap

Oh my goodness!  Ladies, I don't know about you, but With You Weekend left me feeling filled up and inspired. I found myself talking about it non-stop on Sunday. I'm pretty sure I told every woman that I saw at church what an amazing weekend they missed if they weren’t at “With You Weekend”.  It was so great; it was fun, we laughed A LOT...I mean Sophie’s incredible sense of humor and a whisper challenge? One gal commented that she laughed so hard that her abs cramped...laughing good for the soul and body! The weekend was also inspiring and refreshing, God-focused, and one of the best parts was that it was chock full, as Sophie (You may notice I just use her first name now, that's because I officially consider her to be in my squad. #squadgoalsaccomplished) would say, of connection, both new and old.  If that does not sound like an amazing weekend, I don’t know what would.

One of my favorite quotes from the weekend was, “Another woman’s calling neither hinders nor diminishes your own”.  Man, that was so powerful.  I feel like as women, we all too often find ourselves in the trap of comparison with one another.  And one of the worst effects of that trap is that it keeps us in isolation.  Spending the weekend looking at the relationships between Mary and Elizabeth, Ruth and Naomi, and Lois and Eunice was a great reminder of the need for community.  In studying Mary and Elizabeth, we saw the need for reaching up and reaching back.  In Ruth and Naomi, we learned that community doesn’t have to be grandiose.  We can be a blessing to those around us in the ‘here and there’ moments of life.  In looking at the lives and ministry of Lois and Eunice, we were reminded how sincere faith leaves a legacy.

Ladies, COMMUNITY is why women’s ministry exists here are Casas.  We are a group of women that desire to love each other well, the ladies on either side of us, the ladies behind us and the ladies before us.  Join us as we reach out to those around us, all while reaching up and taking hold of the hand of a God who loves and cherishes us.

-Janelle Thomas