When Wings Cover You Part 2: A Personal Prayer Guide

If you've spent a long time in church, you have probably heard the phrase about the Lord "hiding us in the shelter of his wings," but do you actually know what it means? Some of you may and some may not. And if you haven't been a part of church for very long, you may have no idea and also think that sounds super weird! That's ok!

I encourage you to head to PART 1 of this blog-post where we breakdown what the phrase meant in the Bible times and what it means for us today! In a nutshell, it refers to the Lord covering our life with his presence, his power and his plans! One of the main ways we can access God's perspective and plan for our life is to engage with him on a daily basis, through prayer! Prayer is a conversation with him, inviting him to the different parts of our life, asking him for help, thanking him for the great things he's doing. 

If you've been a follower of Jesus for a long time, we know about prayer, know the importance of it, yet it can still become stagnant in our lives because we stick to the same way or the same topic. 

If you haven't been a follower of Jesus for a long time, prayer can seem really intimidating! Praying out loud, for other people to hear?! NO. WAY. But prayer doesn't have to be scary! It's like talking to a friend. 

Our Heartbeat AM teacher Jennifer Tompkins gave such a great perspective on what it looks like to talk to a friend. Sometimes a conversation just begins and goes where it will in regards to the topics, but most often, she calls a friend up with a specific thing she wants to tell them or ask about! When we have a plan for our prayer time, it can be a little easier, a little less intimidating! 

We've created a prayer guide for you to work through in your personal prayer times but want to make sure you remember one very important thing about this prayer guide:

1. You don't have to DO IT ALL! This packet is by NO means a list of the ways you HAVE to pray, the topics you HAVE to pray for, the times you HAVE to pray for but simply ideas and guidelines to inspire creativity into your prayer time.

We hope that for the more seasoned pray-ers among us, you'll be given some fresh topics or methods to use. For those less seasoned, maybe even a little hesitant, we wanted to give you freedom to take baby steps in your prayer life and some ideas for finding the ways you best communicate with God. 


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Love, The Heartbeat Team