Heartbeat Week 2: She Accepts the Assignment of Refinement

Well, we've made it to week 2....which means we haven't quit....yet! 

This week I had several ladies ask or comment about the choice to keep going, to not quit something versus those times when we have too much on our plates and it's time to re-evaluate and make a change. I thought they made great points and wanted to just share a few thoughts on what it looks like to live in the tension of those two concepts. 

I admitted earlier this weeks to lots and lots of women that I consider myself to be the world's best quitter. In her book and video clips, the author of 5 Habits, Nicki Koziarz compiles a pretty good list of all the things she has quit throughout her life and I thought, 'I have a pretty long list of my own!' 

I also am a recovering people-pleaser who has said yes to anybody and anything and the two roles go hand in hand. Because I struggled (still struggle!) with saying yes when I really shouldn't have and not just every now and then but often, I would later find myself completely overwhelmed, burnt out, worn thin and ended up quitting those things that I should have never said yes to, pretty quickly. This type of quitting isn't great but it was a symptom of a bigger issue for me. I had to learn how to say no. OR, how to give The Best Yes That's a whole different topic and study for you to dive into if that is an area you're looking to grow in. The more I improved at only saying yes to the things I could handle or more specifically, the things I knew God had brought my way, the less quitting I did! 

There have also been times in my life when I absolutely knew God was asking to me to let something go, to step down from something, to wait on Him rather than moving ahead with something going on in my life. We have to pay attention to those promptings and obey him, trusting He has a plan that is good and that we just can't see.

In my sophomore year of college, I decided to 'try-out' to be an R.A. for my junior year. My cousin and another one of our best friend's were a year ahead of me and already R.A.'s so we thought it would be awesome for us to all do it together. We started out one weekend with a big meeting and had some preliminary activities we went through and later that evening we would get an email letting us know we could continue on with the process. I remember just feeling so sick the entire meeting and not the 'I ate something bad' kinda sick. It was that 'pit in your stomach' feeling of sensing something isn't right.

Sure enough, I got the acceptance email later that evening and I felt even worse. I was praying and crying and crying and praying and couldn't figure out why I wasn't more excited but quickly realized this wasn't the thing for me. I 'quit' the process the next day and said it just wasn't the right time, still not fully understanding why that was true. Fast forward a few weeks and some auditions popped up for a worship leading position on a traveling, youth ministry team. I tried out and made it and ended up traveling with this team my junior year of college, spending weekends with precious high school and middle school girls and learning so much about leadership, worship and ministry. THAT was God's plan for me but what if I wouldn't have 'quit' on that R.A. gig when I knew it wasn't right for me? I would have definitely missed out on something that was life-changing for me and really set the foundation for me as I went on to volunteer as a worship leader and later joined our church staff in that role. 

Now, on the other side of that coin, there are SO many things that the Lord has put before me that I have quit because it's too hard, I'm too tired, there's too many things for me to work on with this and on...and on...and on. I quit things that are important to my well-being, like exercising and eating healthy, NOT to just be skinny and a certain size, but to be strong and to have energy as I keep up with my three kids. There have been times when I have chosen not to forgive important family members and friends and quit those relationships because they hurt me so much and wouldn't even admit it. But, God didn't call me to only forgive when someone apologizes. He calls me to forgive even when they don't care! 

THAT is what this study is about. We all know when God's calling us to quit something and we all know when we quit something God is calling us to. And we could have both happening in our life at the same time. Keep those differences in mind as we continue to walk through this study. 

Now....about that 1st Habit. What assignment of refinement have you been putting off accepting? I have one....well, maybe two that I can think of! :) Keep these 'Quit Quitting Verses' in mind this week as you take on Habit 1! Want a little reminder on your phone? CLICK HERE for a beautiful reminder in the form of a lock-screen you can put on your phone! We're doing this together ladies! 

Love, Brittany