Heartbeat Week 1: Becoming a Woman Who Doesn't Quit


Week 1 of Heartbeat AM is in the books! Here are a couple of resources to serve as encouraging reminders and tools to support your study through this semester! Check back on a weekly basis for more downloads and fun tools! 

Many of you purchased the book but if you haven't and wanted to check out some of the content first, click below for the first three chapters. 


For any of you who didn't purchase a workbook but would love to be able to journal and record notes from your study time, a scripture passage you're focusing on or questions you want to ask your other tables ladies, download this free journal from Proverbs 31 Ministries! 

                                        Click the picture to download the journal! 

                                      Click the picture to download the journal! 

What kind of Quitter are you? 

Did you know that are different kinds of quitters? You might be thinking, 'Oh, great! As if it wasn't already painful enough to admit I'm a quitter, there's multiple types and I might fit all the categories?!' Well, that's not the point of assessing your quitting-type!

Don't look at your results with any shame or guilt....we're all in this because we have some sort of struggle with quitting. The great new is, we're all in this because we have some sort of struggle with quitting AND we want to take steps forward to become aware and learn how to grow so that we can say yes to our God-given assignments and follow through to the end! Click the link below to take the Quitter Assessment so you can be intentional and get as much as you can out of this study! 

Week 1 Quit Quitting Verses 

Each week Nicki has provided us with 'Quit Quitting Verses'. You can work on memorizing them or maybe pick one to focus on through the week! Write it on a notecard and hang on the mirror and you can even print the picture below and hang it on the fridge....then head over and read, while taking a few deep breaths when you feel you're self ready to quit on dinner prep or maybe the friendship with the person that just called to confront you about something ridiculous!

There is power in the word of God that gives us guidance & strength in the most-needed moments if we can keep them in our minds & hearts! 

Quit Quitting Verses Wk 1

As you're journeying through Week 1 of the 5 Habits study, we'd love to hear from you! Let us know if there's a specific verse that stuck out to you, what quitter type you are and what habit you're excited to study or just let us know what God has been putting on your heart so far! 

Happy studying to you & we'll see you at Week 2! 

Love, The Heartbeat Team