A Prayer Guide + Playlist

As we venture towards the end of February, that means one thing for the city of Tucson...the rodeo! And thus, we find ourselves with the strangest excuse to get off of school for anyone that's not a native Tucsonan, the rodeo break! While it may be a strange school holiday, for years now, our high schoolers at Casas Church have used this weekend as an opportunity to head down to Mexico, to demonstrate the love of Jesus by meeting tangible needs of the people down there. 

This year the theme of their trip is 'Love Does' and I love the simplicity of the message. When you look at the life of Jesus, he spent lots of time teaching on things but some of the most powerful moments of his ministry was when he was doing things for people, meeting their needs in a way that said, " I see you, I'm with you & I love you." 

Why we may not be going on this trip, we have a great opportunity to send out these students and staff by praying for them before, during and after their trip. Our youth pastor, Daniel Cossette has given us the specific things we can be praying for, starting Monday, and so we have put together this prayer guide. You can pull it up on your computer or phone or even print it out to have handy during the week. (One tip for printing....select 'Fit to Paper' so the content doesn't get cut off!) 

Lastly, we wanted to leave you with a playlist that you can throw on in those times when things start to feel overwhelming, when you're ready to quit. The choice to keep going or to quit is such a mental battle, one where our current feelings can easily take control and tell us that it's not worth the fight to keep going. But when we equip ourselves with the truth of who God is, what He's capable of and declare that He is in control, we can keep singing, keep praising, continue  seeking Him and stay committed to the assignments He has put before us. 


Praying with you & for you, 

-The Heartbeat Team