About Our Community 


A Note from our Women's Pastor

There’s a scene from a movie that often comes to my mind because of similarities I have with the main character. It includes a woman, about to set out by herself on an incredible cross-country hike. In this scene, she has just finished loading up her backpack and as she attempts to put it on, it’s so ridiculously heavy and overflowing that she buckles under the weight of it, actually falling backwards onto the bed behind her. I laugh, thinking ‘she’s an idiot for trying to go and hike with a load like that’, but in a quick moment I catch a glimpse of myself. How often do I, and many other women along with me, load up our life pack with more than we can actually handle, in an effort to be seen as strong, capable, efficient, as good as, (if not better than) that woman trekking through life beside us?

You see, we’ve been told for too long by society & social media, Emily Post & Pinterest that if we aren’t picture-perfect and if our patios & pies aren’t magazine-worthy, then we need to do better. We’ve been told that who we are isn’t good enough. So, we load our life-pack full and high: over-the-top dinner parties and too many school committees, multiple church commitments, excessive salon visits, long workouts, perfect playdates and on and on. And before we know it, we find ourselves flat on our backs.

What do we really want? Freedom. Acceptance for the stretch marks and grace for the paper plate dinners. To be able to let the expectations go, stop striving and truly believe that who we are is okay, good even and dare we say, enough.

At Casas, we want as many women as possible to step into community and hear the invitation to put down the pack and trade it in for freedom. At events like our ‘With You’ women’s weekend, we dive into topics such as busyness, comparison and when life hurts. We have seen women from different circles sit and cry together, connecting in and through the struggle. At Heartbeat, our bible study program, women discuss the everyday messy moments of life, dive into the truth of God’s love and the strength found in Jesus, then continue to encourage one another with texts, emails, lunches or playdates that say ‘I’m with you’ throughout the week.

Our purpose is simple. Women desperately desire to step out of hiding, to stop striving and step into a place where they are welcome just as they are and fully loved. We want to be that place.

Casas Women’s Community exists so that women can find a seat at the table, share the hard parts of their story and hear someone say, “Hey, me too, friend. Me too.” And beyond that, we want women to know it’s ok to be imperfect and because of the never-ending love of our perfect God, we are all enough. We want to see women flourish in every season of life- the busy, the painful, the stretching, the stagnant and the celebratory seasons- and we want them to journey together. 

So put that pack down, girl, and pull up a chair!

Brittany is a recovering perfectionist who is thankful for God’s grace and is passionate about curating beautiful Christ-centered experiences that encourage others to live freely, honestly, presently, and in community. Whether it’s facilitating a bible study, leading worship, redecorating a friend’s living room or planning her child’s birthday, these values are at the core. She has worked at Casas for 8 years, serving on staff with the Worship team, as the Events Coordinator and now as the Women’s Community Pastor. She is married to Matt and has three amazing children, Camden, Ellery and Nolan and dance parties & movie nights are family favorites!